About Us

Kiwiana Tech Ltd is a Software and Technology company based in New Zealand serving Global clients. Our focus areas are Consulting, Development and Training Services. Our Executive team has a collective experience of over 100 years in the fields of Software Development, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Advanced Technologies.




We truly believe we can create what you envision!

Kiwiana Tech’s domain expertise lies in Cybersecurity, Software/Hardware based Crypto Products and for the past 5 years in Blockchain Technologies.

We also offer Consulting Services in Telecommunications and IT, with primary focus on Security based Apps and Services.

Our Security Solutions can be categorized based on –
• Identity & Authentication
• Data (rest & in motion)
• Network / Cloud

Our Services, Solutions and Products suit for a wide range of organizations and verticals:
• Enterprises
• Banking and Insurance
• Remote Infrastructure IT Solutions – especially for VPN, WFH
• Government
• Cloud Security
• Ransomware Mitigation Solution

We have Secure Hardware based Appliances (IP Packet encryption units) with and without Encryption Algorithms(Provision for the Govt or end user to add his own proprietary) on Leased Lines, MPLS cloud, GSM Data Lines, SatCom from speeds to 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Apart from conventional cybersecurity solutions, the company has expertise in next generation post-quantum immunity security solutions using Non-Linear Secret Sharing Algorithms.

Our associated company is one of the four global companies with a product for authentication to Microsoft Azure. Also, Ensurity is a member of Microsoft Intelligence Security Association.

We also market Security Solutions  for Telecommunication companies whose details are part of Ashield.

Explore our Blockchain Platform, Pixelchain. We are ready for the Quantum Challenge(s).